SPF for the Homeowner

Spray foam insulation works as a high quality insulation product that could enhance
your home. Whether it is new construction, a renovation or a retrofit job, spray foam can be a great investment in your home. Spray foam can be good for your pocketbook by helping to lower energy bills through reducing air leaks and improving your home’s energy efficiency.

With a high R-value and air barrier properties, spray foam is a powerful insulation material and it has a unique ability to fill the gaps and holes that could be difficult to seal. The exceptional air barrier that spray foam creates can help keep dust and pollen out of your home—a possible welcome benefit for households with allergy sufferers.

Applications of Spray Foam

You may already be familiar with spray foam insulation, but your roofs aren’t the only place to add SPF. Spray foam can be used in many parts of your home, including:

Crawlspaces (Walls or floors).
Gaps and holes.
Between the brick cavities.
Log cabin floors.