Cavity Filling

Rigid polyurethane insulation, injected into cavity walls, provides one of the most efficient thermally insulated cavity wall systems available today. Spray Polyurethane Foam can be used in just about any cavity wall system, even in hard-to-treat properties with a narrow cavity, to provide excellent thermal insulation as well as sealing against unwanted air-leakage.

Long-term savings  provides one of the highest thermal insulation values available today, coupled with the fact that foam insulation loses little to none of its properties over time – even in the presence of water – your building will be insulated to a high standard for a minimum of 25 years.

Wall stabilization  when injected into a cavity wall, has sufficient compressive, tensile and strength to restore the structural stability of existing cavity walls, even where wall ties have corroded or failed.

Resistant to flooding PolySpray’s Closed-cell foam is extremely resistant to the passage of water, even under pressure, and in some cases has been recommended for use in flood zones to provide a barrier to temporary flooding.

Minimizes noise – Both PolySpray’s closed and open-cell foam insulation systems deliver an excellent air-barrier, minimizing unwanted air-leakage and reducing the passage of airborne noise through the wall.

Compliance with SANS 10400-XA Energy Efficiency in Buildings National Building Regulations standard requirements reduce the use of energy from electricity, oil, gas or other fuels used for heating and cooling. All new buildings are required to meet these new building requirements and in order to comply with the standards various insulation requirements are provided.